The Team

The Melbourne Marauders are based in Melbourne Victoria. The team name is derived from historical events including the “Eureka Rebellion” and associated unrest that involved gold miners, colonial authorities and even a detachment of Californian Rangers that would shape the city of Melbourne the state of Victoria and some believe the birth of democracy in Australia. The term marauder referencing the opposition in what ever side was taken during the rebellion.

The Logo

The team logo consists of a stylized letter “M” with an embedded knife. The letter “M” representing both Melbourne and Marauders. The Mexican styled knife representing the weapon of the miners and Californian Rangers.

Team Colours

Team uniform and colors represent the traditional state colors of Victoria consisting of navy and white with a touch of the secondary color grey. Navy and white are also the historically significant colors of the “Eureka Flag” flown in a gesture of defiance of the British colonial rule during the rebellion.