The countdown to the Downunder Football League has begun and so has the hard work.

Right now athletes are running, lifting, passing, catching and blocking in preparation for a shot at a place on a DFL roster. Many will find the task a lot more difficult as they are still learning the game.

“It’s a different game complete with a different set of neuromuscular patterns and skill requirements not to mention the numerous nuances and idiosyncrasies that must be learned and understood. For many athletes it’s a case of de programming all of what they have acquired from a lifetime participating in the other football codes”, said a DFL spokesman.

“Many of these athletes have come from a Rugby, League, Australian Rules or Soccer background and most of what they have learned and perfected in those sports doesn’t translate into competing in DFL football. Having said that however many of these athletes have been playing the game of football for a long time now so the transition has become easier". the spokesman said.

The physical requirements within the game are only half the battle. Most if not all the athletes will have to come to grips with the complex and intricate details that make up the mental or cerebral nature of the sport.

“There is an enormous amount of learning and study ahead for these guys hours in the classroom and cramming at home. It’s a concept that many athletes and indeed the general populace in this part of the world are not fully aware, that you just don’t go out and play. It takes many months of preparation on the field but more off it”.

The DFL will be holding open tryouts in the future but only for athletes that are affiliated with an American football club.

“Over the coming months as the teams build a base squad from which the final cuts will be made. My advice would be to join a local club and learn and gain as much experience as possible because making one of these DFL teams will not be easy. Building your footballing resume is essential including a players work ethic" .

"As you can imagine this is an enormous undertaking to build teams from scratch and the situation is fluid to say the least, athletes will get the chance but they had better come prepared and prepared to work on and off the field”.