The Downunder Football League recognizes the importance of youth development both on and off the field. It will be committed to supporting American footballs growth and expansion and the character building ideals the sport promotes throughout Australasia. By investing heavily in youth development programs the DFL will see young athletes develop not only into great football players but great people.

“The DFL hopes to assist youth football on many levels where a lack of state and federal funding or even access to such funding has existed for a long time” a DFL spokes person said.

“The DFL wants to see the game of football become an accessible sporting option for kids throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific rim especially the high school level”.

“Unfortunately for this sport there is a huge economic and logistical cost of developing such programs not to mention the on going prejudicial political and cultural impediments that exist in this part of the world” the spokesman said.

It is for that reason the DFL is looking to invest any potential revenue gains in the direction of youth development, which according to the DFL has a huge following amongst the youth in this part of the world

“There isn’t a day that goes by where some parent doesn’t come up to me and say

My kid is always watching that game on TV or playing that Madden game and one only has to look at every school playground throughout the country at lunch time to see kids playing this game”

The Madden (American football) video game has long been the top selling sports game around the world even in places where American football doesn’t have a high profile and Australasia is no exception.

“The potential youth market is there. Kids want to play this game but the sports growth is hamstrung by the lack of resources and it is the lack of resources the DFL wants to address”.

The DFL is cognizant of the fact that the current economic climate is not conducive to an explosion of financial support but any kind of support in conjunction with its own initiatives and from any direction would greatly received

“Australasian sports have a long tradition of surviving on the generosity of volunteers and the gift of donations even the high profile sports have had the luxury of the support of benefactors in the past” the spokesman said.

“Cricket for example has had enormous financial support over the years from the likes of Kerry Packer in Australia or Sir Ron Brierley in New Zealand. Yachting with Aland Bond in Australia or Sir Michael Faye and David Richwhite in New Zealand".

More recently New Zealand billionaire Owen Glenn has invested huge financial support in the likes of the Warriors in Rugby League and the New Zealand national field hockey program.

It is that kind of support the DFL hopes to harness that will assist its youth programs throughout Australasia”.

If you would like to assist youth football and cheerleading contact the your local club or the DFL.