Its taken a while but finally there is going to be a healthy choice alternative to the Downunder sporting menu. Its fresh natural and 100% pure free range sporting goodness and its coming to a stadium near you. Its fast conveniently packaged with all the recommended daily sporting requirements and fan friendly nutrients and it is sure to satisfy even the most discerning sporting pallet.

Lets face it the Downunder demographic is changing and so it seems is our sporting appetite. It appears the staple diet of the traditional sports is lacking in fibre and just isn’t satisfying the cravings anymore. Falling attendances, waning popularity and horribly bulimic television ratings are proving that the fans in this part of the world have grown tired of what has been offered up for their sporting consumption.

So get ready Australasia the Downunder Football League recognizes the need for change and is currently preparing to serve up a brand of football that is not only going to taste fantastic its going to be great for you…Is your mouth watering yet?