Are you ready for some football? It’s a question made famous by the American ABC networks iconic Monday Night Football broadcast and it’s a question that has invigorated the United States for many decades and now its a question that the sports fans Down under will have a chance to answer.

Preparations are currently underway to bring Australian and New Zealand sports fans American football but with a difference. It will be Australasian teams and Australasian athletes and the game itself will be uniquely Australasian complete with rule adaptations and specifications that will assimilate a Down under demographic to the intricacies and nuances of American football. A game that is faster flowing and dominated by offense. A game that will transform the game of American football doing what 20/20 Cricket and 7s Rugby has done for those sports. It could even lead to Olympic viability.

Its name the Downunder Football League

In the world of advertising and consumer product release major advertising and marketing icons will inform you of the need to understand the market or in this case the Australasian demographic for which your product is aimed. Often campaigns must be restructured to suit a political, economic, social, racial, religious or geographical region or demographic. What in one culture may be harmless may in another be highly offensive. What works in one area may not work in another

The Downunder Football league believes this principle holds true pertaining the sport of American football throughout Australasia.

Take the sport (American Football) that represented the evolutionary pinnacle of sports. A sport that all sports, sports fans, athletes and administrators world wide looked to for leadership and innovation in the fields or marketing and entertainment, media production, training techniques, merchandising, terminology the list goes on. Whose influence is often emulated by other sports in a subtle and inconspicuous manner then embraced by the general populace who would unwittingly accept the delivery of many facets and innovations borrowed from American football when they reside within the confines of other established sports yet showed no affiliation in fact were quick to dismiss the sport from which the original ideas were nurtured because it is seen to be American and only for Americans.

Now release a product for Australasian consumption An elite high performance  locally based flagship competition tailored to the local demographic consisting of Australasian athletes Australasian teams and campaigning to make it Australasia's game, whilst providing an opportunity to accommodate the calibre of athlete that is fast being produced by the increasing number of teams and participants competing throughout Australasia.

The key rested in developing a restructured brand of football that encapsulates and holds true to the basics of running, tackling, blocking and passing of American football but at the same time overcoming the enormous economic logistical, infrastructural requirements not to mention the copious cultural impediments that exists within the Australasian environment.

The game would accelerate the learning curve and process in addressing areas such as the passing game yet be flexible enough to expand the knowledge base of and fall within the parameters that are acceptable to the Australasian demographic.

It would utilize strategies that entice commercial and media success but most importantly enhance the sports growth and self sustainability.

It would do this based on the implementation of two “Prime Directives”.

1) To establish “FOOTBALL, THE GAME” and all that encompasses from introducing initiatives to overcome the vast economic and logistical problems of equipment, fields, coaches etc to identifying and surmounting the political and cultural restraints. Athlete participation and accelerated development via a restructured game that promotes advancement avenues and is also conducive to building a professional infrastructure and administration. Most importantly to attain these objectives within the confines of a self-sustaining infrastructure. To quote The Economist June 4th 1998 “A sport will attract neither crowds nor cameras unless it can first offer heroes”.The game must identifiably exist.

2) To establish “FOOTBALL, THE EDUCATION’’ this includes an extensive tutoring and indoctrination of a demographic, public, athletes, fans, media, potential business and marketing partners utilizing the “restructured” game as the foundation. The symbiotic relationship of the two directives must be clearly understood. Football will not develop and flourish within a hostile and ignorant environment. It is imperative that the “Education” initiatives coincide with the sports establishment and expansion, acting as the catalyst to an accelerated comprehension curve which in turn will lead to an accelerated “game” development.

In summation the establishment of the prime directives provided a foundation to the introduction of a game that establishes a strategic direction which will facilitate not only an accelerated cultivation of the sport, its potential fan base and increased participation but develop sustainable, revenue producing marketing and business opportunities that will install self reliance and the future of the sport. The game would be...

A game that not only overcomes the vast economic and logistical restraints but also the political and cultural obstructions.

A game complete with rule adaptations and specifications that will assimilate not only the novice athlete but also the demographic and media to the intricacies and nuances of American football.

A game that is faster flowing dominated by offense and conform to this demographics and broadcast parameters.

A game that will develop and broaden the horizons of football in this region providing advancement avenues a platform and choice to the Australasian demographic and athlete.

A game that induces an accelerated learning process and skill development, it will stimulate a higher calibre of athlete, coach, administrator and other personnel.

A game that acts as a catalyst to high school and junior development.

A game complete with a “game plan” of objectives to not only facilitate the games establishment and expansion but provide a highly marketable and self sustaining product.

It was time to establish a competition for the elite. That competition is the Downunder Football League and its coming soon.

Now are you ready for some football?